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In my blog http://orelativismodasreligioes.blogspot.com, I defend the following ideas: each religion puts its faith as absolute truths, rejecting others. This is fact. The individual’s social environment will also influence on his/her faith. Example: no one born believing on Jesus Christ, Allah (Muslin God), many Gods from Hinduism, Shintoism, etc.

But what’s absolute is our capacity of believing, having faith, but why? Look, no one would survive without believing in a force majeure which made us, which created Universe, fauna and flora of planet, what exists after death, etc. We would be afflicted by an existential empty to be collapsed in our minds with anxiety, depression, etc.

And what about nonbelievers? Well, they believe themselves! They have faith, but not beliefs. Without this feeling, they don’t have goals, nothing would be north, i.e., their minds and their lives wouldn’t tolerate.

This “believe” and faith, natural from us, humans, come from cerebral working of limbic (emotion, feelings) and cortex systems (logical part): without them, our more complex system, brain, wouldn’t work well. They were acquired from us through evolution to not collapse our mind, meaning survival of own species. Is transcend in "thoughts" of our material world, including feelings.

When child born, she/he comes to the world with no information in mind, without any culture from country of birth. This environment, including parents and schools, will teach what exists in supernatural, for her/him exercise their religion, which is the same of everyone living around. One day, he/she may change their belief, but she/he will take many things learned from their childhood and teens for the rest of their lives.

All nation who ever existed invented religion and beliefs since human’s adopted from intelligence, consciousness and sentimental-emotional part. By 60,000, as indicated in the book "On Human Nature” by Edward O. Wilson. This author mentions the afraid of death and what comes after as two of main causes of creating religion. We can also talk about: what we do in our world, what’s the meaning of our lives, if there’s any reason for being here. If humans aren’t able to “evoke” the answers for these questions for any force majeure, their minds would collapse.

I think that any smart and self-assured human, in the universe, in addition of self-love, would need to believe something and have faith.

Conclusion: this subject is strong evidence, I think, of inexistence of God and divinities.



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